London’s leading long term pain solution, the team has been working  in private practice for over a decade, with thousands of happy client results.

Koosje and her team of hand-picked practitioners can help you today! Their system combines both hands on treatment and bespoke health coaching, in order to create permanent solutions for long-term pain.

Our clinic’s unique 3 step system – ” 1. Identify 2. Resolve 3. Enhance ”  aims to resolve the root cause of your problem so we can get you out of pain and help you step up in all areas of your life!

Koosje is also the founder of After Baby Back Care.com, the place where mums turn for lower back pain relief after childbirth.

The following therapies are available at our clinic:

Physiotherapy Osteopathy Acupuncture Sports Massage
Yoga / Pilates
After Baby Back Pain Solutions
Olympic Sports Injuries
Newborn Sleep Solutions
Jaw Pain Solutions
Digestive Solutions
Pregnancy Pain Solutions
Fit Food  💚  Smart Coffee  💚  Raw Juice


Our clinic is located in The Light Centre Belgravia – 9 Eccleston Street. There are over 50 classes a week, in a full range of Yoga, Pilates & Morning Mysore Ashtanga Mat, Mindfulness, a Pilates & Gyrotonic Equipment, Courses, Workshops and our restaurantCrussh Healthy Eating Cafe.

Our Charity:

Better Lives Foundation


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Moe S Dr. M. S:

Simply put, Koosje is a professional. She has a very holistic approach and takes the time to listen and understand the needs (and goals) of her patients. I highly recommend anyone in need of physiotherapy book a session with Koosje to see what I mean. If you’re like me, you will find that in addition to noticing an improvement in your physical ailment, you will also improve as a person.

Ellemieke Van Laere Ellemieke V:

I went to see Koosje with my twin babies for cranial osteopathy. One son suffered from colic and the other son got quite stressed at bedtime, for no clear reason. Koosje did an amazing job. She showed me exercises I could do at home to improve the colics and to relax their muscles. The results came pretty much instantly and I can say that both are doing so much better now!

Joseph Gale Joseph G:

I first saw Koosje after tearing my ankle ligament in a XC race. Not only did she provide first class advice on rehabilitation (massage and a strengthening exercises) but helped me to deal with the psychological impact of the injury so close to my target event of the marathon. Her support helped me to get back to fitness and still manage to achieve a PB time of 2hr 48min!

Since then I have had an operation on my shoulder and Koosje has again provided top rate support in helping me to recover at a faster than expected rate.

Her support goes beyond physical rehabilitation; our conversations have genuinely helped me to shape my thinking about many aspects of my life.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 


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