Charity: Better Lives Foundation

Better Lives Foundation (BLF) is a UK registered charity number 1122290 that works to better people’s lives in West Africa and North India.

Better Lives Foundation has no costs in the UK. All funds are spent in Sierra Leone. We are like the SAS of charities.’

We pay no UK wages and we are all self funded! If you are feeling good, feel free to donate. Or even better is you are have a medical profession and would like to join us sometime on a trip to Africa or India, let us know..

At BLF we provide educational and medical support in remote areas where it is scarce. Our team of Volunteers, from a variety of background, work selflessly and tirelessly for our projects both in Uttarakhand (North India) and Yonibana, Sierra Leone (West Africa).

Is it safe, Sierra Leone, West Africa? Yes, it is. We had a great time teaching local doctors. For a decade now, the charity has been paying for education in remote villages, so they can afford to educate themselves, go through further education and even applying for medical school, together with the students we treated up to three hundred patients a day, providing very much needed free medical care to people who may never had the privilege to speak to a doctor before..

Better Lives Foundation